How to get to Prince of Wales Island

Prince of Wales Island
is only accessible by water or air.

by water

Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) ferry travels to Ketchikan, Alaska from Bellingham, Washington, Prince Rupert, Canada to all major Southeast Alaskan cities.

The Airporter Shuttle is a short ten minute ferry ride
to and from the Ketchikan Airport.
The ferry leaves the Ketchikan side of the channel
on the quarter hour and the airport side on the hour and half hour.

The Inter-Island Ferry Authority
is a short distance from the Ketchikan Airport that
transports you to Prince of Wales Island.
There are several taxi services available
when you exit the Airporter Shuttle.

Taking the ferry gives you the opportunity to enjoy a scenic three-hour cruise.
The daily service from Ketchikan to Hollis is a relaxing ride with all ammentities.


by air

Fly into Ketchikan Airport via Alaska Airlines from Seattle.
Alaska Airlines provides air service both north and south from Ketchikan.

Float or wheel planes provide service from Ketchikan to Hollis, Thorne Bay or Craig (float) or Klawock Airport (wheel) directly from the docks at the Ketchikan Airport.
This is a scenic 45 minute trip

State Ferry (AMHS) in Ketchikan

Ketchikan Airporter Shuttle
Ketchikan's Airporter Shuttle

Inter-Island Ferry in Hollis

Float plain coming into Craig, Alaska
Float plane arriving in Craig, Alaska

road system

The extensive road system on Prince of Wales Island includes a network of about 1500 miles, the largest road system in Alaska.
Our road system connects most of the outlying communites
with about 100 miles of paved roads.
The remainder of the roads are dirt and gravel.
Many roads with turn-outs offer paths to hike
or fish streams and lakes.

Speed limits vary from 10 to 50 mph.
Please exercise caution when driving some of the northern roads
as they are narrow and windy.
Road conditions are extremely changeable.

To obtain a map of the road system, contact the US Forest Service at 907-826-3271.

Car rentals are available on the Island.
RV facilities are also available in various locations.

Experience the slower pace of life,
the way life was meant to be.

Guide to Prince of Wales Island


On the road to Thorne Bay

New road system
from Craig to Thorne Bay

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Prince of Wales Island Facts:

Located 600 miles north of Seattle,
Prince of Wales Island is
the third largest Island in the US.
Weather conditions vary from 32 to 75.
We get about 100 inches
of rain fall each year.

Get off the beaten path
and view the simple life.

Welcome to Paradise!

Maybeso Falls outside of Hollis

Craig high atop Mt. Sunnae