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Creative, functional and whimsical art from Alaska's Prince of Wales Island

Functional Beach Art Vases       Feng Shui

Benefits of Fountains

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About our Fountains
~~Beach glass, sea shells, driftwood, unique rocks and polished stones
are found on the colorful beaches of Alaska's Prince of Wales Island.

 ~~Our fountains will help eliminate stress, create inner harmony and connect you to Nature.

~~Each fountain is unique with unusual combinations of water flow.

Yes, BeeBee uses her fountain as her water dish and it gives her hours of entertainment!
Order a fountain-water dish for your pet!

The 4,000 year-old discipline of the Chinese art of design
and placement called Feng Shui
is based on the belief that a vital life energy,
or chi, flows everywhere
~~ in nature, buildings, and people, creating a healthy mind and body.

Benefits of Fountains

Fountains are available in cobalt blue or white for $75.00 includes shipping.

Pay with your Credit Card using PayPal

Send check or money order to:  GKP, POB 423, Craig, AK  99921
Shipping is included
We ship all our fountains via Priority Mail.

Need to send a gift? We can ship your fountain to the recipient of your choice
and enclose a gift card with your message at no charge.

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